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February 14th, 2018

Amrit Kohli
P.O. Box 43273
Oakland, CA  94624-0578

United States Senator Kamala Harris
Office of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Hello again Senator Harris,

I got a call today from someone fundraising for the Democratic Party. in fact, i received two such calls today, nearly back-to-back. well, after i tried to explain that i am no longer interested in supporting the Democrats broadly, and that i'm only interested in supporting individual candidates, not based on party, but based on politics and ideas, based on progressive politics and progressive ideas. but that's not enough for most people trying to raise money for the Democrats. the caller insisted that i wasn't going to "get my country back without the Democrats." well, to that i say: i wouldn't have lost my country to begin with if it wasn't for the Democrats.

you see, i place a lot of the blame for why we have Trump in our Presidency on the Democratic Party. i don't want to get into all that now, but i honestly believe that if it hadn't been for Sanders vs. Clinton through the primary, this would have never happened.

and the problem is that, once again, a straight, white man thwarted the attempts of a straight white woman at winning an election. and men do this all the time. to women.

and they were supposed to have been on the same side.

well, they're not. and the Democrats are not on the same side. and it doesn't seem that the Democrats think anything is worthy of a revolution, because if there were a time in our history for a revolution, Kamala, it's now.

and what would that look like exactly? well, for one, it wouldn't happen at the ballot box alone. it wouldn't happen on the campaign trails alone. it wouldn't happen in the political races alone. it'll coalesce behind Black Lives Matter, is what i predict. and i promise you, based on my own observations, if the mid-term elections go poorly, and more fascists are allowed to gain power in this country, then we can fully expect an armed revolt to be upon us in america.

and the FBI is short-sighted and ignorant to believe they can reincarnate a program like COINTELPRO, by labeling Black Lives Matter as an radical extremist organization, and using that as a basis for infiltrating their ranks, much like they infiltrated the ranks of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X and likely even, JFK. because you better believe that J. Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the FBI, who ruled over that organization for 40+ years, from it's inception until he left the organization, that J. Edgar Hoover was in fact one of the masterminds of the JFK assassination, along with Lyndon B. Johnson. so, i think very lowly of the FBI, for good reason.

the FBI was invented to cover up the JFK assassination. i hope you realize that too.

i'm not a conspiracy theorist either. i work with facts. and i've done my research into these things.

but how can you as democrats expect any support from me when you continue to allow this charade of a Presidency to continue and as you do so, you are permitting increasingly more extreme levels of damage to our democracy and our country. the entire election of 2016 must be invalidated and uncertified because it has been proven that Russia influenced our elections. it may not be quantifiable, but it's certainly obvious.

so...if you want real election reform, and you want real campaign finance reform, then join me in my struggle to convene a second Constitutional Convention where all the States will send representatives to author a new Constitution for the United States of America, one that will not be written by slaveowners, and one that will represent the people of today, in a modern way, in a novel way, in a way that would leave it impossible for Human Rights to be ignored by Americans, one that would represent the future of our country, not the past, and i'm asking you, Kamala, to call for such a convention.

let's have this constitutional crisis. we beg for it. the whole world is begging for it. there's simply no reason to continue allowing Trump and his associates to destroy our very precious institutions. but if you do, remember that we the people are coming up on the heels of this administration to re-write the Constitution and hold what will be America's first fair election, because there hasn't been one in this country yet.

voter suppression laws and tactics have been in existence since we had the right to vote, and i don't mean people like me, and you. i'm talking about the white people who had the exclusive right to vote for so many years before anyone else was given the right to vote. all those white men institutionalized themselves in our system of government.

and it's time to re-work and re-compose and re-constitute the United States.

elections are a part of that process. but somewhere, some one has to stand up and say that we want to govern against something new and not something old and archaic and increasingly irrelevant.

we need a revolution in this country.

and that's what i'm talking about.

what are you talking about?