a buffalo soldier's manifesto
the dead sea scrolls

on Friday, February 7th, 1997, i distributed copies of my manifesto to my co-workers at Andersen Consulting at their Spear Street Towers office on the 44th floor. on Monday, February 10th, 1997 at 9:15am, my employment was terminated by Lyle Ginsberg who was speaking to me from his office in Chicago. on February 11th, 1997, i was raped in my apartment in San Francisco.

if you read this document from my perspective at the time that it was written, you can easily see that i was an agitated, angst-ridden young adult with a lot of emotional issues. but if you read this document from the perspective of the executives at Andersen Consulting, a company that has renamed itself to Accenture, then you can see the ideas that these evil men hatched when they read this document.

this document predicted the economic collapse that happened during Bush's second term as President. this document may have inspired these executives at Andersen Consulting to fund and orchestrate the September 11th, 2001 attacks. this document may inspire the enemies of the United States of America to commit evil acts against this nation.

i wrote this document with the purest of intent. i never meant any harm when i wrote it. i was angry, sure. but i am not a terrorist. i am not a violent person. i have never held, owned, or fired a weapon of any kind. my fears...my fears are that this document was placed into the hands of the wrong people, and that great evil has been done because of my naive belief in the innate goodness of humanity.

i believe Andersen Consulting's executives have been stalking me since 1997. i believe they have infiltrated every aspect of my life because they have been afraid that i was right about a great many things i wrote in this document in 1996. and the truth is, i was right about a great many things i wrote in this document. i have been spot on...

September 11th, 2001 was a vast conspiracy that included the executives at Andersen Consulting who were Partners at the time that i distributed my manifesto within that organization on February 7th, 1997. September 11th, 2001 was chosen seven months to the day after my rape in San Francisco on February 11th, 1997. it occurred at exactly the same time as my dismissal from employment at Andersen Consulting on February 10th, 1997, precisely at 9:15. i was on the 44th floor of the West Coast-based Spear Street Towers when i was fired. these patterns, times, coincidences, and conclusions suggest the dawn of the vast conspiracy that has surrounded me since that fateful day in February, 1997: February 7th, 1997.

i believe that if you negate the intent of my manifesto and take its inverse meaning, you will devise the map that will expose the conspiracy that this manifesto inspired by its inversion. you will find the truth hidden in the inverse meaning of this document. people were paid huge sums of money to keep this conspiracy a secret. i will not speculate about the involvement of various factions of the government, like the CIA and the NSA, but i am suggesting that at LEAST the CIA and NSA were involved and knowledgeable about this conspiracy.

think about it. Andersen Consulting had its birth in Chicago. think mafia. think Jimmy Hoffa. think. think about the roots of Andersen Consulting: Arthur Andersen: Enron: economic collapse. they took the inverse of the meaning of my manifesto and engineered the market collapse that happened in the second term of the Bush Presidency. find the letters i wrote to George W. Bush in 2003 and read them. then, invert their meaning and you'll see that the nation of violence has bankrupted the nation of non-violence. consider it. THINK.

the views on this page are expressly my own. i make no apologies for making plausible conclusions based on my experience with the rise of Andersen Consulting into Accenture and the intense corporate scrutiny that i have endured most of my adult life because of what i authored when i was 22. i'm telling you - if you found this page, you are either a part of the conspiracy that i am trying to expose, or you are someone that has been led here so that you can tell your story and how the meaning of your life has been inverted and used against you and all that you stand for by the very demons that you stand against.

i didn't ask you to believe me. i asked you for nothing. you came here on your own. you came here because i wanted you to come here.

for the record, Simon A. Franco made a sworn statement to my arresting officer at the Mission Street Police Station that indicated that he lied and that i had not hit him. i made a similar sworn statement when i was in jail because simon lied to the police and said i had hit him. he disappeared upstairs before the police got there, and i believed at the time that the redish marks that they found on simon's side were marks he made himself when he was upstairs. i later came to understand that the marks on his side were from the center console of my ford escape from him leaning over it to punch me when i was driving us home. i was trying to get him to stop hitting me, and i never laid a hand on him, even though i was driving while he was hitting me. i eventually just elbowed him hard in the arm to get him to stop hitting me because we were going to get into a serious accident if he didn't stop. i don't count that as me hitting him. that was more than self-defense too. i was trying to protect us both, even though he was hitting me and causing us the danger we were in.

that was november 28th, 2011. i was arrested and charged with a DUI on november 28th, 2004. it's symmetrical the way these things occurred. the same is true of September 11th, 2001. when i came home from my friend's house on September 11th, 2001, my hard disk was fried. it was completely destroyed. and that had never happened before. i took good care of my computers. i built them. they were solid machines. but i suspect that someone in this conspiracy targeted my computer that morning or during the night because they knew i wasn't home, and they planned it because it destroyed most of the evidence i had against Andersen Consulting by that time. and it was planned to happen on the night and into the morning between September 10th, 2001 and September 11th, 2001 to antagonize me and arrogantly proclaim victory over my entire plan to liberate this nation from evil klansmen that continue to pursue the genocide of my people in whatever form that they can sociopathically construct around this vast, enormous conspiracy that has made me a target and a witness to the truth of that day. there was a coordinated cyberterrorist attack that morning as well as the airplanes that were launched to destroy the World Trade Center. i believe that my manifesto is one of the keys to who really destroyed those buildings that day. i believe that it was an American. i believe that it was constructed in Chicago. i believe that the entire plan was motivated by and constructed around the inverse meaning of my manifesto, which would make it pure evil. and i believe that at one point in time, i was to be made a suspect for the September 11th, 2001 attacks. how the hell am i supposed to prove this? that depends...

will the NSA, the FBI, the DOJ, the DOD, and the CIA like to comment about the numerous truths in everything you have found here? does anyone have a fucking comment? i didn't think so. fuck y'all for getting it so wrong, it's humiliated this entire nation!

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